SQL GST Accounting

GL, Customer, Supplier, Stock, Sales, and Purchase


There's so much more. You'll just need to experience it.
SQL Account is more than just a tool for you to enter financial record. It

has an ecosystem of powerful component such as security, flexible user

access control, 24x7 data backup, information search and inquiry,

command navigator, customizable grid and reports, document drill down,

DIY field and scripts and so much more.


General Ledger. It's easy to manage and track your company's accounting records.
Create and manage accounting records by project or department so you can easily keep track and analyze your company's performance. It also supports odd financial date (e.g: 22 Aug 2011 to 31 Aug 2011) so you can get started from any period you wish. SQL Account provide a comprehensive range of financial reports such as G/L Document Listing, Journal of Transaction Listing, Transaction Summary Listing, Ledger Report, Trial Balance, Receipt and Payment report, Profit and Loss Statement, and Balance Sheet Statement.


Customer. Keep your customers in touch.
SQL Account supports special aging (e.g: 0-7, 0-9 days and etc.) apart from the standard aging, all built-in. It also features Advance Credit Control, a feature that lets you set credit limit and overdue limit for each customer. Similar to Customer module, the Supplier module has support for a wide range of reports such as Supplier Document Listing, Supplier Balance Report, Due Document Listing, Aging Report, Supplier Statement, Supplier Post Dated Cheque Listing, Supplier Analysis by Document, and Supplier Sales and Collection Analysis. Each of these reports have been proved to work well with multi-currency.


More time. For Sales.
SQL Account supports partial delivery through out Sales module documents. In addition, SQL Account also provides an assistant screen which show the available stock balance and sales price history when you are creating any Sales document. Now, you can check sales history for any particular item that you are selling. A truly great sales tool won't be complete without a wide range of sales reports such as Sales Document Listing, Outstanding Sales Document Listing, Sales Picking List, Customer Price History, Profit and Loss by Document, Sales Analysis by Document and Yearly Sales Analysis.


Purchase. Be cost effective.
Similar to Sales module, the Purchase module supports partial delivery through out its documents. It also provides an assistant screen which show stock balance and purchase price history when you are creating any purchase document. Thus, you can check purchase history for any particular item before buying. Similar to Sales module it offers a wide range of reports such as Purchase Document Listing, Outstanding Purchase Document, Supplier Price History, Purchase Analysis by Document and Yearly Purchase Analysis.


Stock. Helps you take control of your inventory effortlessly.
A real time posting engine. Date sensitive costing calculation so you can back date transactions. Costing calculation inter-warehouse transfer. Extreme accuracy in costing calculation, and multi-generate inter-warehouse transfer in costing calculation. Stock Document Listing, Stock Reorder Advice, Stock Physical Worksheet, Stock Card, Stock Month End Balance, Stock Aging and Stock Analysis by Document all from the Stock Module.


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