1. Setup

How to setup software for GST? Download


2. Maintain Tax

How to maintain tax? Download


3. Stock Tax

How to set stock tax codes? Download


4. Customer GST

How to assign tax code to customer and supplier? Download


5. Tax Invoice

What are the compulsory information to display in tax invoice? Download


6. GST-03

This guide shows how to process GST return and generate GST-03 report. Download


7. GST-03 Drill Down

How to drill down GST-03 details? Download


8. GAF

How to print GAF report? Download


9. Inclusive GST Cents

This is how inclusive GST cents are handled in SQL Accounting. Download


10a. Input & Output Tax Ledger Report

This is how you generate and print input & output tax ledger report. Download


10b. Tax Code in Chart of Account

This is how tax code is entered into Chart of Account. Download


11. Delivery Order 21 Days Rules

This is how delivery order 21 days rules is implemented in SQL Accounting. Download


12a. 21 Days Rules Deposit

This is how 21 days rules deposit is implemented in SQL Accounting. Download


12b. Refundable & Non-Refundable Deposit

This is how you can enter refundable and non-refundable deposit in SQL Accounting. Download


13.14.15 Bad Debt Relief Recover

This is how bad debt relief recover is implemented in SQL Accounting. Download


16. Gift Deemed Supplies

This is how deemed supplies work in SQL Accounting. Download


17. RSA

This is how Recipient Self-Accounting (RSA) tax code is used. Download


18. Margin Scheme

Under the Margin Scheme, GST is accounted for on the margin (the difference between the price at which the price the goods were obtained and the selling price). Download


19. GST Tap

How to generate TAP file from SQL Accounting for GST return submission? Download


20. Bank Charge With GST

How to handle Supplier bank charge with tax amount? Download


21. GST03 Adjustment

How to do GST-03 Adjustment in SQL Accounting? Download


22. Credit Noted for Sales Rebate & Incentive

What to do if the customer hit target or you give rebate for the particular customer after you bill all the invoices, for those non stock control related? Download


23. Cash Book Simplified Invoice

How to enter to SQL Accounting if supplier given simplified IV? Download


24. Import Goods Treatment

Purchased goods invoice from oversea will not incurred GST. It's only inccured when goods are discharged out from the port to forwarder warehouse or direct to the buyer. Download


25. GST Payment to RMCD 

GST net payable will be generated every month or every 3 months depends on the company registered to GST. Download


26. 5 Cents Rounding for Sales & Purchase

How to turn on 5cents rounding for sales cash sales and sales invoice? Download


27. Promotional/Sample Item for GST

How to key in promotional/sample item into system? Download


28. Self Billing

How do I key-in self billing? Download


29. De-Register GST

How do I de-register GST in SQL Accounting? Download


30. Industries Code (MSIC)

How do I assign my industries code? Download


31. How to Submit GST03 Tap Online

First accounting software in Malaysia to show GST 03 submission online Download


32. Input Entry For ATS

Approved Trader Scheme (ATS) is a special scheme introduced to alleviate negative cash flow impact to business. Download


33. GST Tax Code - TX-N43

This guide shows when and how to use TX-N43. Download


34. GST Tax Code - TX-RE

This guide shows when and how to use TX-RE. Download


35. Understanding of Mixed Supplies (Partial Exemption)

A person who makes both taxable and exempt supplies is known as a mixed supplier. Download


36. The Adjustment of GST by Auto or Manual Input

The total GST payable on all goods and services shown on a tax invoice may be rounded off to the nearest whole cent (i.e. two decimal places). Download


37. Set Tax Date in Purchase Invoice

How to handle if you have processed GST-03 and later received a supplier invoice? Download


38. Realised Gain Loss Foreign Exchange

This guide shows how you can process GST with Net Realised Exchange Gain/Loss. Download


39. Fill in Part D: Declaration in GST-03

How to fill in Part D: Declaration in GST-03? Download


40. Guidance to Check GL Ledger with GST-03

This guide teaches you how to check & identify incorrect GST payable amount before submiting your GST-03. Download


41. Start A New Margin Scheme Database

Margin scheme allows a GST Margin Scheme registered person (GST MS registered person) who meets all the conditions to calculate and charge GST on the margin. (Note: Lampiran 07 Skim Margin report included.) Download


42. GST-03 Adjustment Before & After GST Return

How to do GST-03 Adjustment Before & After GST Return Download


43. Message Prompt: "Attempt to Store Duplicate Value.." while Processing GST Return

Process New GST Return BUT get message prompt above? Download


44. Message Prompt: "Please enter G/L Code" while Processing GST Return

Process New GST Return BUT get message prompt above? Download


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