The government has recently announced its new plan in replacing the existing sales and service tax with the goods and services tax (GST) starting from April 2015 onward during the budget 2014 presentation. Here at GST Accounting Software Malaysia Inspired by the government in its efforts to enhance the effectiveness of the current taxation system, GST is expected to be much more efficient, transparent, and friendly to businesses –highly essential in eliminating all SST weaknesses.



1.   Sage UBS - Tax Invoice and Adjustments (GST Accounting Software Malaysia)​

       In this topic you learn how to record credit sales using an invoice, making adjustment using credit note and debit                        note.  GST Video


2.   UBS Accounting GST 1/3 - Setting & Master Data in UBS GST Accounting Software Malaysia​ 

       GST Video


3.   UBS Accounting GST 2/3 A - Transaction - Intro & Purchasing (GST Accounting Software Malaysia)​

       GST Video


4.   UBS Accounting GST 2/3 B - Transaction - Sales (GST Accounting Software Malaysia)​

       GST Video


5.   UBS Accounting GST 2/3 C - Transaction - Posting (GST Accounting Software Malaysia)​

       GST Video


6.   UBS Accounting GST 3/3 - Reports (Tax Invoice, GST-03, Tax Report, GAF) using UBS GST Software         Malaysia

       GST Video


7.   Sage UBS - GST Reports in UBS GST Accounting Software Malaysia​

       GST registered companies are required to submit the GST return monthly / quarterly. This topic shows you how to                    generate the GST Return, GST Audit file and other GST related reports. GST Video



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