QnE GST Inventory Business Solutions

Inventory Edition (Single User) - Sales + Purchase + Inventory

(no location, no BOM), Single Company



The sales module is a powerful module that manage the entire sales cycle for users. This module provide quotation, sales order, delivery order, invoicing and sales return. It also provides functionality to manage customer back-order fulfilment, thus, increasing your customer satisfaction. The sales module is highly integrated to accounts receivable module, inventory control module and credit control module. This will provide users all necessary informations to manage customer’s account. With the sales module, managing your customers is never easier and users can have a more effective customer relationship managment tool.


 - Comprehensive pricing rules. (Allow to setup pricing for different group of customer, Enable you to setup quantity      discount and prices for Certain category of customers or certain category of Stock item in a specific period etc.)

- Stock bundling (setup bundling of the products Or services sold as a package for quick invoicing.)

- Partial Delivery (Partial delivery from a single Sales order. Multiple sales order to one delivery Order and multiple       delivery orders to one invoice. etc)

- Point of sales integration (interface with Customer display unit, cash drawer, barcodeScanner, and selected brand     and model of Barcode and model of barcode printers. 



The purchases module helps you to maintain a consistent and organize relationship between your business and suppliers so that you could serve your customers better. You can quickly produce purchase order and track purchases and receiving activities at anytime. You can also generate detailed purchase order and receipt records, which support you in decision making. Build-in multi level of purchases requisition approval control, helps the management to have a better budget control.


- Landing cost (able to calculate cost Proportion on indirect cost (eg. CustomDuty, freight charges etc) and                      chargeinto product costing.

- Partial delivery (Partial delivery froma single purchases order. Multiplepurchase orders to one goods                              receivednote.)

- Multi-level of purchases requisitionApproval control (inform purchaserthe outstanding purchase request from the        user via email and informationon the item is only a click away.


Your organization’s inventory represents a significant investment of financial resources. Managing it can be a monumental task. It takes detailed management and operations reports to track and control items you assemble, stock and sell. The inventory control module gives you the information you need to make order forecast and track cost of good sold. This module will make inventory management easier, more efficient and effective for the company.


- Alternative inventory costing Method (FIFO, weighted average, Fixed Cost, Last Purchase Price)

- Serial number (track serial numbersfrom purchases through sales in all Inventory transactions and you willbe able      to knows which serial numberis still available in your stockbalance. This functionality is crucialfor warranty and            repair tracking.

- Multi-set of bill of materials(For material planning, stock assembly & wastage analysis)


For Malaysia users, the GST module consist of most requirements from Royal Kastam Malaysia and allows you to produce GST 03 form. This module includes all the preset tax code required by kastam and can add your own tax code according to your requirement.


When you prepare GST 03 report, GST advisor is a build in tools to analyze your data and will advise you on what to do in order to be compliance with GST acts 2014. it will advise you such as bad debt relief for AR and AP, Outstanding DO for 21 days rules, review rounding issue, MSIC Code breakdown value, Transaction without Tax code, outstanding CN and outstanding deposit etc.



What is QNE Cloud ?

QnE Cloud allows user to login to the database through internet by any device, such as laptop, tablet or mobile devices that using Google Chrome Browser. With the Cloud technology, QnE user can access their database to manage their accounts and reports at anytime, anywhere with any mobile devices.



The interface that provided by QNE Cloud is similar to the Windows based,

Users has the option to access the data using either the windows based

application or the cloud portal. You have option to implement 100%

Cloud or Hybrid Cloud.


QNE Cloud allow:-

1. Access company database from different branches through Internet

2. Using mobile devices to key in sales order anytime and anywhere

3. Monitor account and view all reports while you are travelling oversea

4. For Accounting Firm, Accountant and GST Consultant can access the data

    of their customers using Cloud portal anytime anywhere in their own office etc.

5. Real-time data update for all accessed users

6. Lower the cost of ownership, thus it will not require to hire professionals to maintain

    the host computer. Minimal IT maintenance.

7. Off-site data storage backup, worry free about data missing/lost if your company

    hosts/servers damage or theft.



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