QnE GST Accounting Business Solutions

Special Edition (Single User) - GL, AR, AP, Single Company



The General ledger is designed according to the needs of the current market, represents the contemporary and most up-to-date book-keeping techniques, it offers convenient and real time information to users with more than 70 industry-specific and ready-mode templates from different countries for quick startup.


- Real-time automatic postings from various modules

- Multiple companies(depending on licenses purchases)

- Multiple level in chart of account.

- Multiple level of valid posting periodsUnlimited accounting periods

- Unlimited sets of running number (eg. Payment voucher no. for different bank, petty cash etc.)

- Powerful budgeting capabilities

- Date sensitive report output

- Extensive comparative and historical data

- Extensive zoom in facillity

   (eg. Profit & loss report allow to zoom in to general ledger and the source document design) 

- User-friendly source document design

- Contra for AR & AP can be easily made in journal entry

- Tracking on unpresented cheque & uncredited fund everyday



The accounts receivable module is designed to enhance productivity and efficiency of a company’s receivables by providing up-to-date information on business transactions. The accounts receivable (AR) module provides function that allows users to generate real time statement and reports for in-depth analysis on receivables and collections by period, geographical area, customer category, customer status and sales person.


- Open credit reports

- External file handling in customer accounts

- Able to define budgets for indivdual customer sales

- Able to scan debtor code using barcode scanner

- Able print debtor code in barcode format

- Filtering outstanding balance in credit-limit report

- Filtering by number of days/months overdue in overdue invoices report

- Outstanding invoices reportMail merge (able to create letters or notices for customer via Fax/Email)


The accounts payable is designed to efficiently manage a company’s expenditures and disbursement. QNE helps you to keep accurate information on your cash management by carefully tracking and taking advantage of term discount, predicting cash requirements and tracking payment to ensure they are made only once.


For Malaysia users, the GST module consist of most requirements from Royal Kastam Malaysia and allows you to produce GST 03 form. This module includes all the preset tax code required by kastam and can add your own tax code according to your requirement.


When you prepare GST 03 report, GST advisor is a build in tools to analyze your data and will advise you on what to do in order to be compliance with GST acts 2014. it will advise you such as bad debt relief for AR and AP, Outstanding DO for 21 days rules, review rounding issue, MSIC Code breakdown value, Transaction without Tax code, outstanding CN and outstanding deposit etc.



What is QNE Cloud ?

QnE Cloud allows user to login to the database through internet by any device, such as laptop, tablet or mobile devices that using Google Chrome Browser. With the Cloud technology, QnE user can access their database to manage their accounts and reports at anytime, anywhere with any mobile devices.



The interface that provided by QNE Cloud is similar to the Windows based,

Users has the option to access the data using either the windows based

application or the cloud portal. You have option to implement 100%

Cloud or Hybrid Cloud.


QNE Cloud allow:-

1. Access company database from different branches through Internet

2. Using mobile devices to key in sales order anytime and anywhere

3. Monitor account and view all reports while you are travelling oversea

4. For Accounting Firm, Accountant and GST Consultant can access the data

    of their customers using Cloud portal anytime anywhere in their own office etc.

5. Real-time data update for all accessed users

6. Lower the cost of ownership, thus it will not require to hire professionals to maintain

    the host computer. Minimal IT maintenance.

7. Off-site data storage backup, worry free about data missing/lost if your company

    hosts/servers damage or theft.



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