The government has recently announced its new plan in replacing the existing sales and service tax with the goods and services tax (GST) starting from April 2015 onward during the budget 2014 presentation. Here at GST Accounting Software Malaysia Inspired by the government in its efforts to enhance the effectiveness of the current taxation system, GST is expected to be much more efficient, transparent, and friendly to businesses –highly essential in eliminating all SST weaknesses.


Will GST affect my business?

Yes, most likely. GST may have different effects on different businesses due to its broad-based consumption tax nature.

With GST, tax payment is performed by intermediary parties from product manufacturers to distributors.


I am interested. How do I begin?

Great! You have 14 months left to learn more about the principle and mechanism of the GST module. With plenty of useful seminars on the new system, you can start preparing your business for the next level. In addition, you may also want to consider QnE Software, a GST Accounting Software Malaysia and a GST tool that helps you monitor your GST records and generate important reports for audit and decision making purposes.


Should I use QnE business software as a GST tool?

GST transactions are similar to all business transactions. Likewise, you need to have your business transactions recorded in order to comply with GST. Using our GST compliant malaysia business software is highly recommended.


Why use QnE accounting software?

QnE offers you with a user-friendly & easy-to-learn control layout along with comprehensive training materials. With software which is specifically designed for businesses running in networking environment, this reliable Malaysia accounting software with speedy performance also offers you with higher stability and larger volume of data handling so you can be rest assured that all data are properly stored.


1.   GST in General Ledger - QnE Optimum (GST Accounting Software Malaysia)​

       How QnE Optimum handle GST in General Ledger. GST Video


2.   Tax Code in Stock Item and How to issue Tax invoice in QnE GST Accounting Software Malaysia​ 

       How QnE Optimum assign the tax code automatically to the stock items according to the "Default Priority Setting" and              the requirements of the format for Tax Invoice. GST Video


3.   GST - Free Gift / Deemed Supply in QnE Optimum (GST Accounting Software Malaysia)​

       You are require to include the previous amount of free gift to account for output tax if the free gift / deemed supply is              more than RM500 to the same connected person in the same calendar year. GST Video


4.   GST - Export Tax invoices to Head Office / Accounting Firm using QnE GST Software Malaysia

       Companies having multiple branches but prefer not to be connected online (input their tax invoices and export the tax              invoices daily/weekly then email to their Head Office to import the data.) GST Video


5.   GST - Deposit / Advance Payment in QnE Optimum (GST Accounting Software Malaysia)​

       Non Refundable Deposit is require to account for output tax. QnE Optimum provide an exclusive screen to handle the              Deposit. GST Video


6.   How To Submit GST 03 Return, GAF and GST E-Payment with GST Software Advisor​

       1. GST Setting 2. GST03 Return Submission GST Video


7.   GST - Margin Scheme for Used Car Dealer (GST Accounting Software Malaysia)

       Used Car Dealer can apply GST Margin Scheme and account for GST from the Margin instead of Selling Price. Learn                  more how to handle Margin Scheme in QnE Optimum. GST Video


8.   GST Group Registration in QnE Optimum (GST Accounting Software Malaysia)​

       There are several advantages for GST Group registration. “The inter-billing between the group members under GST                  Group Registration will be consider ‘disregarded supplies’ and not subject for GST. A group registration is intended to                alleviate  GST compliance costs and reduce cashflow problems.” GST Video


9.   GST - Self Billed Invoice in QnE Optimum (GST Accounting Software Malaysia)​

       In a normal business transaction, the supplier will issue an invoice tothe buyer. However, in the case of self-billed invoice          the buyer will issue an invoice because the supplier is unable to determine the value of the supply. Learn how to handle          Self Billed Invoice in QnE Optimum. GST Video


10. GST - Bad Debt Recovery in QnE Optimum (GST Accounting Software Malaysia)​

       Using QnE Optimum, With just a click to Create Bad Debts Recovery when you receive payment from your                                  customer. GST Video


11. GST - Partial Exemption, Mix Supply (GST Accounting Software Malaysia)​

       Not all the GST Software can handle Partial Exemption / Mix Supply. Learn how to handle the Partial Exemption / Mix              Supply in the Best GST Software in Malaysia. GST Video


12. GST - 21 Days Rules, QnE GST Accounting Software Malaysia allow you to declare tax in DO level

       Not All GST Software allows you to declare the output tax at Delivery Order level. Some industries cannot issue tax                    invoice within 21 days then you may need to consider to use QnE Optimum to account for output tax at the Delivery                  Order Level. GST Video


13. GST on Imported Goods in QnE Optimum

       QnE Optimum provide a facility to handle GST on Imported Goods, GST is imposed when you remove the goods from              customs and it is based on the assessed value from customs. GST Video


14. GST on Imported Services in QnE Optimum​

       QnE Optimum provide a facility to handle GST on Imported Goods, GST is imposed when you make payment of the                   imported services. GST Video


15. Installation of QnE Optimum in Network Environment​

       Learn how to install QnE Optimum and Microsoft SQL Server in a Standalone Computer, Server and Workstation. This                video will also guide you how to open the port forwarding, enable the TCP/IP etc. GST Video


16. Tax Adjustment allow you to account and adjust for GST Output or Input Tax automatically

       There is instances that we may need to adjust our input tax and output tax and reflect it in our GST 03 Return, QnE                    Optimum provide you a friendly tool to adjust the input and output tax automatically. GST Video


17. GST Bad Debts Relief

       Learn how to handle Bad Debts Relief in QnE GST Compliant Software. GST Video


18. GST Accounts Setup Wizard

      With this wizard, QnE Optimum will help you to create all the GST related GL Accounts, define the GST Setting and assign        the recommended posting account in the Tax Code. GST Video


19. Import data from UBS 9 and 9.4 to QnE Optimum

      QnE Optimum allows you to import the master file and opening balance of Debtors, Creditors and Stocks from UBS 9.0             and 9.4. GST Video


20.One click to migrate data from QnE Firebird to QnE Optimum

      Migrate chart of accounts, master files e.g. Customers Maintenance, Supplier Maintenance, Stock Maintenance and                   Debtor/Creditor Opening balance (e.g. individual outstanding invoices) and Stock Opening Balance (Qty only) from QnE           Delphi Firebird database to QnE Optimum. GST Video


21. Migrate data from other system to QnE Optimum via Excel Template

       Export your data to Excel then import to QnE Optimum, QnE allow you to migrate chart of accounts, master files e.g.                  Customers Maintenance, Supplier Maintenance, Stock Maintenance and Debtor/Creditor Opening balance (e.g. individual        outstanding invoices) and Stock Opening Balance from EXCEL to QnE Optimum. GST Video


22. How to customize Tax Invoice format in QnE Optimum

       To learn more how to customize the form e.g. Tax Invoice, Official Receipt, PO, DO, Quotaiton etc. in QnE Optimum, you              can also visithttp://support.qne.com.my/article/320... to learn more how to customize with the report designer from QNE        Optimum. GST Video


23. Tax Code Mapping Wizard in QnE Optimum GST Software

       Too many tax code in the system may confuse to your users, This wizard will ask you questions about the nature of your          business and system will advise you what tax code need to be enable in your business. GST Video


24. Customize Inquiry Screen and Report in QnE Optimum

        To learn how to customize the Inquiry Screen and Report Customization in QnE Optimum GST Software. GST Video


25. GST on Bank Charges

        Learn how QnE Optimum GST Software handle the GST on Bank Charges. GST Video


26. User Defined Field and Validation Rules in QnE Optimum

        Learn how to create an User Defined Field and Validation rules in QnE Optimum. GST Video


27. User Access Rights and User Roles in QnE Optimum

        QnE Optimum allows you to define users access right up to the field level.. GST Video


28. Credit Limits and Overdue Control in QnE Optimum

        Learn how QnE Optimum handle Credit Limit and Overdue Terms Control. GST Video


29. Export and Import Chart of Accounts in QnE Optimum

        To Learn how to Export and Import Chart of Accounts using IO Export and Import XML GST Video


30. Submit GST 03 Return and Payment for GST Payable in QnE Optimum

       Guide you how to submit GST 03 Return and Make payment to JABATAN KASTAM DIRAJA MALAYSIA using QnE                        Optimum. GST Video


31. Create Exception for QnE Software in Antivirus

       Learn how to Create Exception for QnE Software in Antivirus. GST Video


32. Import Data e.g. Tax Invoices to QnE Optimum from Excel Template

       QnE make it so easy for you to export your data to Excel Template e.g. Input the Tax Invoice in an Excel Template then               import it QnE Optimum. GST Video


33. Create Validation Rules to Validate the field during transactions daving in QnE Optimum

       Learn how to create validation rules to validate the information to ensure your data input will be more accurate.

       GST Video


34. Tax Date and Posting Date in QnE Optimum

       A New Enhancement "Tax Date" in QnE Optimum, You can now post your supplier bill in different period for your                          Accounting and GST Submission purposes differently. e.g Claim input tax in Feb 2016 but update expenses in Dec                      2015. GST Video


35. Lampiran 2 from QnE Optimum

       When the refund of input tax has been requested and Kastam would like to audit, companies will have to submit a GST            report called Lampiran 2 for more efficient processing. You can print out this report from QnE Optimum GST Video


36. Amendment and Unlock GST Return

       Kastam is now advising us to submit GST amendment in their portal if there is any adjustment on our previous submitted          GST Return. QnE allow users to unlock the GST Taxable Period, do the adjustment, users can then submit the GST Return        again and keep track all the previous submitted GST Return and Other GST Details Report. GST Video


37. Cannot Claim Bad Debts Relief if your customers are not GST Registered

       Refer to the DG Decision at http://www.customs.gov.my/en/pg/SiteA... , The bad debt relief may be claimed if "the                  supply is made by a GST registered person to another GST registered person" GST Video


38. To avoid more queries from Kastam, Perfect your GAF files, Input more details in Payment Voucher

       During GST Audit, Kastam may require us to forward the Lampiran 2 or GAF file to them, to avoid more queries from                  Kastam, it is a good practice to have all the required information to update to the GAF file. GST Video 


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