E.M.A.S. GST Point Of Sales 

Up to 10 users

Unlimited Companies

WHY People Use E.M.A.S. P.O.S. System ?

1. Strong Back End Inventory System
2. Stability
3. Fast & Easy Entry Method
4. Online Update Back End Inventory
5. Remote Update Back End Inventory
6. Powerful Features


Powerful Features

  • Membership
    Maintain member's personal details, point earned Maintain member's discount Maintain member's credit limit

  • Promotion Price & Promotion Free Item
    Maintain a special price or free item within a period

  • Read Barcode with price when enter transaction
    Allow enter normal barcode with Item No

  • Allow enter BOM Item
    Allow select BOM item from EMAS Inventory System

  • Allow collect deposit
    Allow collect deposit amount when customer make payment

  • Allow Suspend Bill
    Suspend the Cash Bill without payment, when customer want to make payment, cashier can retrieve the suspend bill and proceed receive payment

  • Allow Modify Payment
    Enabled user to modify the payment type and amount after the cash bill printed

  • View Sales Report hourly
    Provide a report to show the total sales amount in every hour

  • Point Redeem/ Year end
    Maintain members point redeem and provide a function to year end the accumulated point

  • Link to EMAS Inventory System
    the item, group, category, etc code maintenance can link to Inventory System the cash bill will update to EMAS Inventory



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