E.M.A.S. GST Inventory & Billing

Up to 10 users

Unlimited Companies

Powerful Features

Multi Level Security Control
- Able to set individual user ID & password


  • 3 Types of credit Limit Control

  • Able to Control Multiple Location, Consignment, Warehouse

  • Able to Maintain Secret Code for Cost price

  • Able to Maintain Multiple Unit of Measurement

  • Able to Control Minimum & Maximum Stock Level

  • Able to Maintain Bill of Material (B.O.M)

  • Able to Control Related Products

  • Able to Maintain Historical Selling & Purchase Price (For Many Years)

  • Able to Check Last 5 Selling & Purchase Historical Price While Entering Transaction

  • Able to Set Extra Info or Flexible Formula by Using User Define Field

  • Able to Control Good of Tax (GST)

  • Able to Maintain Debtor & Creditor (CJ 5)

  • Able to Control Foreign Currency by Month

  • Multi Level Item Discount or Footer Discount



  • Price Affordable, Stability & Accuracy

  • Simple to COntrol, Power Feature & User Friendly

  • Tight Control to Prevent Unauthorized User Enter, Delete or Modify Transaction

  • Various Type of Reports

  • Customizable By End User

  • Easily Assign Job & Responsibility

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