E.M.A.S. GST Accounting & Billing

Up to 10 users

Unlimited Companies

Powerful Features

Multi Level Security Control
- Able to set individual user ID & Password
- Able to control individual user's menu & permission


Free Account Coding Format
- Enable user to define own coding format
- Able to do Departmental Account


Batch Control While Entering Transaction
- Batch Locking by User ID
- Date Control
- Bill Type Control


One Screen for Entering Data
- Opening Amount, Budget and Grouping while creating Account code
- Enter, Edit and Modify Transaction
- Can view the Transaction while entering Transaction


Payment Voucher & Official Receipt
- Directly print out PV & OR while entering Transaction
- Automatically generate running number


No Period Control
- No period control while entering data
- All report can be select date to be printed


Post Dated Cheque Control
- Able to list out detail in statement


Project & Job Features
- Auto generate Profit & Loss Report by Project / Job


Powerful Instant Knock off / Apply Invoice While Entering Transaction
- Directly Apply Invoice by Local amount or Foreign amount


Foreign Currency Control
- Auto generate Foreign Currency Gain & Loss Report
- Multi Currency General Ledger
- Debtor and Creditor Statement


Detail Audit Trial
- Easily trace out user mistake
- Audit Trail tracks a user's Field Data changes
- Record Addition & Record Delete by Whom, When & Value


Key-in Historical CN, DN, IN & GJ


Remove & Recall the Historical Transaction
- User can remove the historical transaction and recall back the historical transaction


Bill Type Control While Entering Transaction
- IN - Invoice
- CN - Credit Note
- DN - Debit Note
- PV - Payment Voucher


Multiple Formats For
- Statement, Payment Voucher, Official Receipt, Credit & Debit Note.


Able to Control Departmental Account


Able to Control Bank Reconciliation

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