Autocount GST Point Of Sales

  • The ultimate accounting software and stock inventory solution


Developed By An Established Developer

With MSC status and Microsoft Certified Partner ISV, Auto Count Sdn Bhd is also the developer of popular AutoCount Accounting.


Supported By Microsoft SQL Database Server

Stability, scalability and security of database. No re-index required.


Offline POS with Real Time Synchronization

Keeps HQ vital information updated instantly and accurately. Check stock anytime anywhere.


Fully Integrated

With top selling software AutoCount Accounting and Inventory system.


Affordable Business Automation

Find the fittest package to suit your requirement from front end to back end.


Peace of Mind

Even your future business growth is taken care of.


Improve your sales

Improve your sales by making right decision from accurate sales analysis and customer buying pattern analysis for multiple outlets.


Immediate Stock Level Alert

When the stock item level falls below re-order level, you will get alert by notification and by email immediately.


Quality Receipt Printing

Strengthen your business image with character-based printing technique.


Multiple Billing Option with Multiple Payments

Cash Sales, Credit Sales, Sales Order with Deposit and multiple payment methods: cash, credit card, debit card, voucher, cheque, and loyalty points.


Meet Your Budget Constraint

Stand alone or networking, single or multiple outlets, front end operation only or

will full back end integration, simple cash sales or complex super heavy

transactions. There are always options within your budget.


Quality Receipt Printing

Print your receipts faster without compromised on its printout quality.

Character-based printing produces higher quality receipt, the printing is

clear, easy to read and low cost.


Touch Screen Option

APOS can be operated using whether keyboard, scanner or

touch-screen method. These input methods are inter-



Customer Display LCD Monitor

Connecting to a customer display LCD monitor not only

display Net Total Amount, but also other info such as

video clips for advertisement purpose.


Choices of Back End Integration

Full range of AutoCount Accounting packages offers the

best option of our flagship product.


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